Most motional

It may be the world's Most emotional system

"Emotion UI is a Huawei developed, Android based man-machine interaction system for smart terminals. With Emotion UI, everything is easy to find, easy to enjoy, and easy to share. You can enjoy the vivid display and have fun customizing your phone. Customizable Home screens, applications, and easy switching between themes. "

  • ·Convenient switching between profiles with the phone performing  predefined actions automatically.
  • ·Help pages that are always at your service.
  • ·Voice control that frees your hands with Chinese voice identification.
  • ·Huawei Cloud+ services that protect your data even when your phone is  lost or applications on your phone have been changed.
Uni Home

Uni Home Less is more

Me Widget

Better utilize your screen real-estate by combining all the information and functions you need in a single, customizable widget.

EZ Folder

Make applications management less tedious by adding applications to a folder in bulk.

Profile Switcher

Profile Switcher Let your phone work for you

Predefined Profiles

Get started with one of our five predefined profiles: Standard, Driving, Sleep, Outdoor, and Meeting.

Extensive Control

A wide range of settings such as screen brightness, auto reply, ringer volume can be controlled through profiles switching.

Smart Tutorial

Smart Tutorial Help is near

Contextual Help

We provided assistance at places and moments where they are most needed.

Rich Graphics

All help content includes pictures to make them easier to understand and fun to use.

Non-technical language

We use plain, easy-to-understand language to better accommodate non-technical mined users.

Customizable UI

Customizable UI Your phone, your style

Animated Weather Wallpaper

Find out what the weather is at a glace right from your home screen. Our animated weather wallpaper is both informative and fun.

Would you like to try it? Let us work together to explore it!

1 Getting Help

Emotion UI help is always available:

(1)When you first power your phone on, a startup wizard that will guide you through the basic key and touch screen operations will be displayed.

(2)Any time you encounter problems while using the phone, you can open Help Center to seek help.

(3)Touch Help Center > Huawei Service to access more services.

2 Operations on the Locked Screen

(1)On the locked screen, drag the lock icon from the center to any of the four shortcut icons around the circumference to unlock the screen or open corresponding applications.

(2)The top, bottom, and left shortcut icons can be set as any applications in the application list.

(3)By default, the music player is displayed on the locked screen when music is playing in the background.

3 Changing the wallpaper

Touch and hold a blank area on the Home screen and select Wallpapers from the options menu to set the wallpaper.

4 Setting the theme

Setting the theme enables you to customize the font and icons.

To set the theme, touch Themes, and select one of the preinstalled themes. You can also touch Themes > Customize theme, and customize items such as the wallpaper, font, icons, dial pad, and ringtones.

5 Managing applications

(1)To move an application, folder, or widget to another position or another screen, touch and hold the item until your phone vibrates, and then drag the item to the desired position.

(2)To create a folder, touch and hold an application until your phone vibrates, and drag the application onto another application, creating a folder containing both applications. After the folder is created you can drag more applications to the folder.

(3)To remove an application, touch and hold the application until your phone vibrates, and then drag the application to the trash can icon.

6 Managing the Home screens

Pinch two fingers together on the Home screen to open the Home screen list, from where you can rearrange the Home screens, set the default Home screen, delete an empty Home screen, or touch a thumbnail to open the corresponding Home screen.

7 Installing Applications

To install an application from a microSD card: Copy an application downloaded to your computer to the microSD card, install the microSD card in your phone, then touch File Manager, find the installation file, and touch Install.

NOTE:If the application cannot be installed properly, touch Settings > Security, check that Unknown sources has been selected, and try again.

8 Alarms

(1)To mute alarms: When an alarm goes off, turn your phone over to mute the alarm.

(2)To snooze: When an alarm goes off, if you do not disable it, it will postpone automatically three times.

(3)To customize the alarm ringtone: From the alarm list screen, touch> Settings > Set default ringtone > Music, and select the audio file you want to use as your alarm ringtone.

9 Camera

(1)To take a beautified self-portrait: Open Camera, from the capture screen, touch> Shooting mode > Beautifying mode. When you take photos in beautifying mode, your skin looks brighter and smoother in the photo, spots are removed, and your eyes, lips, and teeth are also beautified.

(2)To capture a 1080p HD video clip:Open Camera and switch to video camera mode, touch > Resolutions > Full HD (1920 x 1080).

10 Other Tips

To import contacts from other phones using Bluetooth:Touch> Manage contacts > Import via Bluetooth > Bluetooth permission request > Yes. Then touch the phone from which you want to import contacts.